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IFT901, Business Strategy in IT-projects


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    Geir Tore Klæbo
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    Kull 2015/2016


Higher Education Entrance Qualification


This course has been divided into two major parts;

1. IT Projects context in the overall Business organization >>
Here we emphasize on
Business Strategy and IS systems Projects and Organizational stategy
Aligning Project Management with the Organization
Common models/methods used in the strategic work of an organization
Different kinds of IT-projects and their impact on project management
Different Stakeholders Responsibilities
Organizing a Project Office
IT-strategies and the parts of those that are executed by realisation of IT-projects

2. Valuation, Selection and Prioritization of IT projects >>
Here we emphasize on
Methods and tools used to estimate the benefits of a IT-project
Methods and tools used to prioritize projects
Portfolio and Program management

The first part mainly puts the IT project in a wider perspective, whereas the latter focuses on practical methods and tools. The boarder between the two parts might not always be “crystal clear”. Nevertheless we like to make this division, mainly to make subject more logical and easy to get and also to allow us to make clearer introductions to the subjects.

Forventet læringsutbytte

To be aware of and understand
•The relation between an organizations strategy and its impact on selection, prioritization and monitoring of an IT-project.
•How an IT-strategy is derived from a business strategy
•Well known analytical methods used as tools in development of organizational strategies
•Categorization of various kinds of IT-projects and their characteristics
•Major differences from a Project Manager perspective between the different kinds of IT-projects
•Critical success factors in the most common categories of IT-projects
•Why selecting the right projects is important and sometimes difficultfor an organization.
•Different methods used for selection and ranking of projects in the portfolio.
•A project office, services and functions
•Bringing home the effects and values from a project delivery
•Monitoring of a project portfolio

To Master
•How different business strategies can affect selection and prioritization of IT-projects
•The characteristics of a successful IT-project from an organizational view.
•Different stakeholders responsibility for a projects deliverables and the effects in the organization
•Foundations for choosing the right project type for different needs
•Differences in requirements and demands on a Project Manager in different kind of IT-projects
•Methods and tools for valuation, calculation and prioritization of projects
•Models for evaluation of project values and Business effects

Arbeidsformer og læringsaktiviteter

The course is delivered as an online course in combination with lectures delivered over video-conferencing system to designated locations.
The course has three mandatory parts where part one is graded Pass/Fail, and parts two and three is graded A-F where A-E is Pass and F is Fail

Forventet arbeidsinnsats

Forelesninger 40 timer
Pensum 60 timer
Individuell oppgaveløsning 60 timer
Individuell veiledning 15 timer

Obligatoriske arbeidskrav

Obligatoriske arbeidskrav Antall Antall godkjente Obligatorisk tilstedeværelse
Refleksjonsnotat 1 1 Ja
Kommentar Almost all sections of this course has a reflection assignment connected to it where you for example are suppose to connect what you have learned to previous courses or make comparisons between models or theories. Follow the instructions for each reflection and complete the assignments as specified. Each reflection is grade on a pass/fail Bologna scale. In order to pass assignment 1 you must get grade P on all the reflections.
Innlevering 1 1 Ja
Kommentar In this assignment you are required to choose an Agile model such as Scrum and write a 7-10 page paper making the connection between previous courses and the chosen model. For example you could discuss the role of planning and controlling a project with connection to Scrum, or leadership aspects of Scrum projects thus making the connection to Leadership in IT projects I. This assignment is evaluated based on the following grading criteria


Vurdering Vurderingstype Varighet Karakterskala Andel Justerende muntlig Tillatte hjelpemidler
Skriftlig eksamen 4 timer A-F 100% Nei Allp>All/p>
Kommentar Written examp>Written exam/p>