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Anglophone Culture and Communication - høst


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    This course is designed primarily for students interested in expanding their knowledge of cultural production in the English language (including literature, film, theater and other aspects of human expression). Students should have an interest in examining historical through to contemporary examples and discovering how anglophone culture has interacted with and affected other global communities. Particular emphasis will be given to Australian and Aboriginal communities, although no prior knowledge of these cultures is required.

    Opptakskrav og rangering

    Admission Requirements and Ranking

    Higher Education Entrance Qualification.


    Practical Component


    Krav om skikkethet og autorisasjon

    Requirement for Suitability and Authorization

    No specific requirements.

    Tekniske og andre forutsetninger

    Technical and Other Conditions

    The course is conducted using the e-learning platform Moodle. On the course’s dedicated Moodle pages, students will find information about the study program; lesson plans, literature, annual information, lecture notes, exams, assignments and mandatory coursework. Students and teachers communicate through the Moodle bulletin board and messaging platforms.




    A transcript is issued after program completion.


    Transfer Protocols

    Curricula and special study courses may change from year to year. Students who do not follow conventional academic progression may be directly affected by the removal, alteration or replacement of previous courses.


    Acceptance Requirements

    Potential acceptance is assessed through each individual application. Dispensation from certain exams or mandatory work requirements can be obtained if the student is able to document qualifying equivalent examination or approved equivalent coursework at another institution. Exemption can also be granted on the basis of suitable examination at the same level or on an accepted evaluation of documented qualifications (see the University and College Act § 3-5). Application for recognition and exemption under the Higher Education Act § 3-5 is determined by the relevant department.


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