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Nordic and International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning

30 credits


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    Asbjørn Kolberg


The study is designed for international and local teacher students and pre-school teacher students. For the students of Nord-Trøndelag University College the study is part of the concurrent and integrated teacher education programmes (7th term) and pre-school teacher education programme (5th term).

Previous knowledge

Intermediate level in English.

Learning outcomes

Areas of knowledge

The student should be able to:

General competence

Course content

This is a course intended to develop knowledge about and understanding of Nordic and international perspectives on teaching and learning in nursery schools/kindergarten, primary and lower secondary education. It focuses on cultural artefacts and traditions related to childhood and education: oral and written narratives, songs and music, old and new. It has a particular emphasis on the region's geographical position and natural surroundings in terms of wildlife, environmental issues, coastal tradition and indigenous culture and how these conditions influence aspects of childhood and education. The course offers an important contrastive dimension in terms of developing awareness of own culture and other cultures' perspectives and attitudes to childhood, teaching and learning.


Teaching will be organised in different ways. These will include lectures, discussions, group work, student presentations and field excursions. The main idea is that the learning process will be based on student activity, using methods like "inquiry based learning" and "cooperative learning". The students will be strongly involved in the learning process and their knowledge and experience will be acknowledged and integrated in the study.

The language of the course is English.

The main channel of communication and contact between students and between students and the academic staff is Fronter.

Teaching practice:
A four-week practice in nursery schools/kindergarten, primary or lower secondary education in Norway (international students) or internationally (Norwegian students)


During the course each individual student must satisfy the following compulsory coursework requirements:
Individual grading (A- F) based on:

Teaching practice: pass/fail

Syllabus literature


Course literature:
A list of course literature will be available by June 2013.